Improving OEE within the pharmaceutical industry

Overall Equipment Efficiency 


Aim: Improve the overall equipment efficiency in pharmaceutical company’s line productivity and overall equipment efficiency in work productivity.

Who: A pharmaceutical company situated in Johannesburg, producing Health Care products.

What performance monitoring solution was needed: The pharmaceutical company was in need of performance monitoring on the entire production line.

The real-time performance analysis for overall equipment efficiency was needed and included production line monitoring, line speed, short stops and set ups.

Current method of line data collection: A major part of their production line information was manually collected, and quiet often this manually giving incorrect data reports.  

Process: After the installation of Shoplogix Overall Equipment Efficiency system, the relevant configurations were done, and we began collecting data, with their ground level line operators.

Training on the real-time data analysis Shoplogix solution: During the OEE installation time, extensive training was conducted with line operators and management. Training of the data analysis systems is done on the use of equipment, as well as the monitoring system navigation, reading and understanding the OEE analysis reports. This is done through Shoplogix Partner, Leading Edge Solutions which is based in Fairland Johannesburg, South Africa.

System Reports Storage: Another advantage of the real-time data analysis, is that reports are able to be stored for up to 1 year on a single unit, and if a PNE Server was installed, it would be longer. Leading Edge Solutions is a Johannesburg based company, system support is readily available.

Data analysis results and application: After reviewing a few reports with the management over a period of time, a few problems were identified. It was decided that a task list together with deadlines be compiled, and a relevant person be allocated to ensure that the problem is rectified.

Meetings were held with the Shoplogix team and the relevant role players in the pharmaceutical company to discuss the problems identified in the overall equipment efficiency as well as identify possible solutions.

After the solutions have been implemented, we monitor the situation, to ensure that it does not reoccur.

Performance monitoring reports: As a report on performance monitoring, regular updates are sent to the customer to show progress on improvements in the production line for the company. A target of 80% was set for the following areas: OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), OEEc, Availability, Performance and Quality. With constant monitoring and training of the line operators as well as role players, improvements were noted on the Production line productivity.

OEE results: From only 32% production efficiency before Shoplogix was installed within 2 months this calculation was improved to 60% OEE. In the first 2 months a 28% improvement was recognized, with a target set at 80% overall improvement, we were heading toward production line efficiency and success!

We at Leading Edge Solutions are seeing many companies in South Africa looking to uncover opportunities to improve overall equipment efficiency and productivity within their organizations production. Starting on ground level, training production line and other ground operators as well as management. Real-Time production data analysis, reporting and change implementation are key. With Shoplogix, we have the unique capability to deliver productivity improvements in days and weeks.

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