Household cleaning supplies

CLIENT: Cleaning Supplies manufacturer

A multinational privately held manufacturer of household cleaning supplies and other consumer chemicals. 
Specializing in the manufacturing of house hold goods the company has a number of leading brands all over the world.


Themultinationalmanufacturer objective was to produce the most items in a given time frame to meet customer demand.
This caused the company to operate at production levels that extend the basic capabilities of equipment.
Because of overextending the equipment would break down causing a great number of production was lost, because they would have to arrange for maintenance and repairs. This did not only delay the production processes,
but it also lead to a significant number of employees standing around with little to do.


Shoplogix has the ability to send out timely automated downtime alerts and escalation, to the maintenance and production managers.
Shoplogix alerts helps reduce the duration of unplanned downtime.


The implementation process involved the production and maintenance teams, which consisted of the two managers (Production Manager and Maintenance Manager), two supervisors and four operators from the multinational manufacturer.
During the implementation process an on-site training and support was conducted by our experienced consultants.

During this time the managers and operators were extensively trained on how to use the equipment to its full capacity, the consultants made sure that the entire team understood the different alerts that comes with the solutions.


Unplanned downtime was dramatically reduced with the automated alerts and escalation in place.
The multinational manufacturer had customized the alerts to be sent out when a machine had been down for 5 minutes, with the colour coded alerts the operators knew what to do each time a certain colour would go on,
which ensured that no employees were standing around doing nothing when the production stopped.
This lead to the company save hundreds of Rands per year that was lost due to downtime.


With the implementation of Shoplogix the company now uses its machinery to its full capacity, ensuring that it is probably maintained, and has upgraded to the latest Shoplogix solution which comes with great whiteboard features which is easy to interact and ensures that they are continuously improving their production while making sure that they are meeting the demand.